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 Poze WK-1212 - electrocardiograf 12 canale, profesional


WK-1212 - electrocardiograf 12 canale, profesional

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WK-1212 - Electrocardiograf portabil, profesional, 12 canale, interfata calculator (wireless - optional), soft de interpretare inclus, salvare pe card SD, printare manual/automat, fiabil, usurinta in utilizare.


Simultaneous acquisition of 12-lead ECG data, real-time recording and printing

12-channel ECG waveform;

Graphic display of 12-lead ECG waveform;

Built-in analyses software of age which assures accurate analysis result;

Auto-measurement, auto-interpretation, waveform playback

and storage of ECG data management requirement;

Option wireless function makes more convenient communication with PC;

User friendly operation system contributed by built-in HELP function;

Literal and graphic operation interface;

Powerful filters to minimize interference;

Heart rate measurement and pace-maker protection circuit;

Multi-printing formats: manual/automatic, standard 12 channel, 3 channel plus 3 rhythm lead;

6 channels, 6 channels+ rhythm, 60s analysis of arrhythmia, R-R histogram, trend graph;

AC, DC or built-in lithium battery power supply, alarm of battery weak and Lead-off;

Comfort and durability contributed by silicon gel keypad;

ECG workstation provide with computer supported optional.

Tremendous ECG date can be saved in built-in SD card

Garantie 12luni.

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Detalii produs

Categorie: electrocardiografe (ECG)

Greutate produs: 1 kg.

Producator: WALCOM

Cod produs - SKU: 319

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