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 Poze PH-ETP300C phMeter pentru sol


PH-ETP300C phMeter pentru sol

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PH-ETP300C phMeter - dispozitiv pentru masurarea valorii ph, a umiditatii din sol si a nivelului de lumina, calitate foarte buna


The ETP300C 3 in 1 moisture meter is designed to check the content of moisture in the soil surrounding your plants, the light level at the plants location and the pH of the soil or liquid.                                                             

2 probe: Light level, soil moisture and soil pH T, for indoor & outdoor plants, gardens & lawns

Long probe allows measurements at different depths The needle in the meter indicates the precise light, PH & soil humidity

No electric hookups or batteries are needed

Just push in the probe and read the results

Taking eadings at different depths quickly reveals the need for more or less light, PH & water.                                    

Analog Display

Bronze Probe: For pH measurement

Silver Probe: For moisture measurement

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